Song of Sway Lake 2017 ****

Writer and director Ari Gold fashions an excellent, thoughtful indie flick in Song of Sway Lake, a melancholy but sweet rumination on life, love and death. Ollie (Rory Culkin) and his unpredictable assistant Nikolai (Robert Sheehan) head to Ollie’s family home in the hope of liberating a rare record with a high resale value. Nikolai’s presence disturbs something in Charlie (The Good Wife’s Mary Beth Peil), and revives some family secrets. Brian Dennehy also features in some flashback scenes; Gold’s film isn’t nostalgia, but a consideration of the complex relationship between past and future. The performances are uniformly strong, and the film’s mood of poetic and lyrical at times. Song of Sway Lake is the kind of minor indie film that lacks a sensational selling point; it’s also the kind of adult fare that’s increasingly rare and well worth seeking out on streaming services.



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