So Undercover 2011 ***

Miles Cyrus is Hannah Montana is Molly Morris is Brooke Stanbrooke is so undercover in So Undercover! So Undercover positions the teen behind the phenomenon of Hannah Montana as a small-time private eye in the Nancy Drew mould but like totes independent. She has dad issues, and when she’s hired by a man purporting to be from the FBI (Jeremy Piven), she also has undercover issues, because he asks her to enrol as Molly Morris at a Yale freshman house. With Kelly Osbourne across the room as her flatmate, Molly is embroiled in a plot involving stolen accounting ledgers. It’s hard to imagine fans of the star or the genre getting excited by a rote McGuffin like stolen accounting ledgers, and it’s kind of obvious from the generic quantity of the result that everyone is on a trial run for something else. That said, it’s not as awful as its straight-to-landfill release in the states might suggest and Cyrus has star quality, not well applied here.



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