Moon 44 1990 ****

Some time before his Hollywood heyday, Roland Emmerich wrote and directed this unheralded little B-movie from 1990; released straight to video in the US, Moon 44 gets a new lease of life through an excellent print on Amazon Prime. Pan and scan cannot have been kind to the fresh widescreen compositions here, and even if there’s a gap between the film’s big ambitions and the budget, there’s more than enough here to sustain interest. Streets of Fire/ Philadelphia Experiment’s Michael Pare brings his leading man A-game to the role of Felix Stone, brought in to work with some ex-cons as helicopter pilots on the titular moon. Stone is actually working undercover to discover who is responsible for the theft of mining shuttles, but with Malcolm McDowell amongst the cast, it’s not hard to figure out who is responsible. Roscoe Lee Brown and Lisa Eichhorn make an impression in supporting roles, and while the action is brief, it looks great in an old-fashioned, physical way. Streaming has brought a few films back that no-one ever missed; as a B-movie gem, Moon 44 deserves a revival.


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