The Sting 2 ****

After the huge success of The Sting, neither Paul Newman, or Robert Redford fancied another, so this sequel represents a mighty downgrade on most aspects of the package. Who better to step into the shoes of Newman than Jackie Gleason? Almost anyone. And if Mac Davis is a like-for-like substitute for Redford, it’s a strange equation indeed. It’s another con-man story, with rollercoasters, boxing and all kinds of period attractions thrown in. But despite the lack of star-power, there’s much to enjoy here, with a super script by the same author, David S Ward, more wonderful soundtrack work from Lalo Schifrin, and some neat support from Karl Marlden, Oliver Reed and Teri Garr. Forever in the shadow of the original film, The Sting II is actually a pretty good film in its own right, and worth checking out for curiosity’s sake.


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  1. This actually is a pretty damn good movie. Gleason and Davis are quite wisely playing original characters and not the same characters played by Newman and Redford as so many erroneously believe. No, Gleason and Davis aren’t Newman and Redford but they do look like they’re having a good time and there’s a genuine warmth and charm in the relationship between the oldtimer and his young protege. No, it’s not “The Sting” and quite sensibly it really doesn’t try to be. I think the movie would have done a lot better under a different title.

    • I’m thinking of starting a category for sequels that would be more liked if people haven’t seen the original film and have no expectations….thanks for your comment!

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