The Girl on the Train 2016

Emily Blunt turns out to be the major plus and saving grace of this Tate Taylor adaptation of Paula Hawkins‘s bestseller. With the action unwisely shifted from the UK to the US, Blunt plays Rachel, a permanently plastered woman who finds herself drawn to the mysterious actions inside a house she can see from her daily commute. Why is Megan Hipwell (Hayley Bennett) missing? Is Luke Evans up to something? Is Blunt shielding herself from the truth about her own actions? And why is Lisa Kudrow from Friends in this? The answers are all unraveled round about the half-way point, and even if some of the initially storytelling is muddled, that can be excused as matching Rachel’s own befuddled state of mind. What could be a mediocre thriller is saved by Blunt, as empathetic as ever, and making a decent fist of a tricky, unreliable heroine.


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