The Accountant 2016 ***

Ben Affleck’s achievements as a director are considerable, but clearly he envies Matt Damon’s signature role in the Bourne films and fancies a franchise of his own. Gavin O’Connor’s film is fairly old-school in its taciturn hero, perky love interest (Anna Kendrick) and nefarious villains. The treatment of autism may not be so straight-forward; it’s not the first film to present a disability as a super-power. But as Christian Woolf (Ben Affleck) goes about the business of uncovering a mystery in the books of a wealthy client, there’s enough small-scale action to keep things ticking over, although the sub-plot involving JK Simmonds as a cop ultimately feels like nothing but padding. The final gunfight briefly lifts things to a John Wick level, but the outrageous style isn’t there. The Accountant is predictable fare, but just about passes muster as a routine action flick.


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