Mr.Holmes 2015 ***

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate did not take kindly to Mitch Cullin’s book about the late life of Sherlock Holmes; they sued as Bill Condon’s film came out. That’s a shame, as Mr. Holmes is more Sherlockian that most recent incarnations, which have tended to jazz up the great detective as an action hero/secret agent. Mr Holmes has a slightness that resembles the original stories; like Condon’s previous collaboration with McKellen, Gods and Monsters, this story takes liberties with real events, but with purpose. His memory failing, Holmes attempts to solve one final case, taking trips to post WWII Japan and visiting the cinema to see a Sherlock Holmes film along the way. Laura Linney immerses herself in the part of his housekeeper, and the solution to the mystery is satisfying; Mr. Holmes is a quiet pleasure for true fans of the detective genre.


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