Triple 9 2016 ***

John Hillcoat is a skilled but sometimes overtly pretentious director (The Proposition, Lawless) who really needed a good B script to reign him in. Matt Cook’s Triple 9 gives him exactly that, a pared-down noir thriller which sets cops and robbers against each other in downtown Atlanta. A closing credit extends viewers an offer to come and visit Atlanta, but that’s highly unlikely given the portrayal of the city as a lawless hell-hole. Casey Affleck is the driven cop, and Aaron Paul and Chewitel Ejiofor amongst the thieves, and the heist scenes are tough and vigorous. Only Kate Winslet’s Mafia-boss stretched credulity, and the final plot mechanics are silly, but Triple 9 is a nice enough B-movie thriller with A-List talent to burn.


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  1. Recently saw this movie, and thought it was great as well. It’s precisely as you say, because of the A-list actors, this movie definitely was better than normal 😀

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