Jupiter Ascending 2015 ***

You can rely on the Wachowski brand to come up with something big and colourful, and with some big ideas too. It’s just a shame that their dialogue and characterization can sometimes seem so wayward. By the time Eddie Redmayne’s intergalactic ruler announces ‘at least my mother never cleaned toilets!’ it’s clear that Jupiter Ascending is better filed under camp than classic, but maybe such a basket of random elements is better read in that way. Mila Kunis plays a Chicago toilet cleaner who gets ensnared by roller-skating mercenary angel (an ideally cast Channing Tatum) and transported to play her role in an on-going space-war. Sean Bean turns up to discuss bee-keeping and the general ‘anything goes’ atmosphere runs against the lashings of CGI required to make this ridiculous story work. Jupiter Ascending is a silly, fun adventure, probably not what the studio were hoping for, but of certain interest to connoisseurs of how large amounts of money can be turned into producing liquid steam-punk gibberish; for bad movie fans, there’s plenty of misfiring bang for your buck here.


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  1. This definitely could have been so much better. The effects were great, but the movie just pretty much missed a heart. As for the Wachowskis, I did enjoy Cloud Atlas. It was a way better movie than I expected 😀

  2. They may go down as a one hit wonder for first The Matrix film. Too bad, to start out with such a groundbreaking movie and than fall flat with almost every movie since.

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