Time Out Of Mind 2014 ***

Heartfelt dramas in which rich movie stars attempt to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless are a hard sell, and deservedly so; they often feel like a guilt trip for film-makers and audiences alike. Time Out Of Mind sees Richard Gere as George, a homeless man on the streets on NYC, and on paper, that’s a hard line to swallow. It’s to Gere’s credit that Time Out Of Mind manages to pull off that conceit and play it as a strength; a monologue about how George moved from bed to bed, then couch to couch, perfectly illustrates how his good looks only brought him so far. Filming on the streets on New York, and inside Bellevue hospital, adds authenticity to Oren Moverman’s film, and small roles from Kyra Sedgwick and Steve Buscemi don’t do anything to jar the thoughtful tone. There’s a time and a place when special effects and action don’t fit the mood; for those with a willingness to look at the tougher side of life, Time Out Of Mind is well worth the effort.


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