Everybody Wants Some !! 2016 ***

Richard Linklater has a feel for baseball; his Bad News Bears remake wasn’t his finest hour, but the writer/director returns to the diamond with this laid-back drama, which not only evokes his Dazed and Confused breakthrough, but also serves as a bolt-on to Boyhood. Everybody Wants Some!! is about late teenage years, and a group of young men including Tyler Hoechlin and Glenn Powell, who are starting their collage life, specifically sharing a house as part of their scholarship arrangement. Linklater doesn’t spare us the testosterone as they pursue local girls over a long weekend but the macho elements are generally sidelined in favour of pranks, drugs and lots of chat, observed in the peerless manner that Linklater does so well. Even if the sports movie is a generally a turn-off for you, there’s lots here to enjoy, from a young, hip cast to a typically eclectic soundtrack.


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