Gods of Egypt 2015 ***

The mother lode for fans of movies that are so-bad-they’re good, Alex Proyas’s high-minded, low-achieving epic is a model of everything going wrong at the same time, to comical effect. The concept is good; why not bring Transformers-style effects to Egyptian mythology? There’s plenty of scope for spectacle, and Gods of Egypt certainly looks amazing. But when the cast are anything but Egyptian, ranging from Bryan Brown to Gerald Butler, any claims to ethnic authenticity go straight out the window. And the ambition of Proyas’s film falls well short due to slipshod technique; the idea that the gods are all bigger than mortals means that eye-lines are all over the place, and characters are constantly addressing thin air. God Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is double-crossed by his brother Set (Butler) and banished; a simple thief Bek (Brenthon Thwaites) agrees to help Horus if the god will fix the release of his girlfriend from the underworld. Meanwhile Geoffrey Rush orbits the earth on a flying boat, Chadwick Boseman tries to figure out riddles and Rufus Sewell lurks in the background, seemingly the only one in on the joke. Gods of Egypt was universally panned on release, but anyone seeking a silly spectacle will find plenty to enjoy.


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