The Dion Brothers ****

Terrence Malick isn’t generally noted for his quick-fire action comedies, but The Dion Brothers, aka The Gravy Train, is just such a rare beast. With Martin Scorsese originally attached to direct, this oddball thriller is also a family drama as Calvin (Stacy Keach) chucks in job in a factory to spring his brother Rut (Frederic Forrest) from his mining job and embark on a crime spree that includes impersonating police offers, an armored car robbery and a get-rich-quick scheme that carries high personal risk. Margot Kidder is a sassy love-interest, and the anti-authority sentiments of Jack Starrett’s film are something to behold, even several decades later. From Calvin’s inspiring opening speech about being Kirk Douglas, The Dion Brothers deserves a reputation as a stone cold classic of the crime movie genre. 


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