Kelly’s Heroes 1970 ****

Clint Eastwood has made some solemn films about war, from Heartbridge Ridge to Letters From Iwo Jima, so it’s refreshing to see him in a rather more irreverent stab at the genre in Kelly’s Heroes. Written by The Italian Job’s Troy Kennedy Martin and re-uniting Eastwood with his Where Eagles Dare director Brian G Hutton, this slapdash, funny and deeply anachronistic war-comedy sees Kelly and his merry band of soldiers looting Nazi gold behind enemy lines during WWII. The musical choices are decidedly 1970, and Donald Sutherland’s pot-smoking tank commander Oddball steals the show, but there’s also some tense action, notably a scene in which two of Kelly’s men are pinned down in a minefield. War may be hell, but in Kelly’s Heroes, it’s a lot of fun too.


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