Mad Max Fury Road 2015 *****

George Miller’s rethinking/reboot/rebirth of the Australian Road warrior previously played by Mel Gibson really does merit the description ‘one long chase’. Tom Hardy fills the leathers well, sharing the duties as lead with Charlize Theron. The feminist subtext, completely missing from previous incarnations, feels surprisingly organic, with seeds and water the new currency in a world where gasoline is only used for local warfare, and wise women and concubines making up the manifest of Max’s group of escapees from the Toecutter and his gang. A model of how a reboot can move with the times and gain more depth, Fury Road picks up nicely where Mad Max 2; The Road Warrior left off.


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  1. I have seen this movie 4 times now,and I still don’t get bored by it. Amazing cinematography, and it is one of those films you can watch any number of times 😀

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