Interstellar 2014 *****

Christopher Nolan’s epic sci-fi adventure can only be diminished by viewing it on anything less than an IMAX screen; but the craftsmanship and imagination of the narrative still pay dividends for home viewers. Matthew McConaughey brings his usual intensity to Cooper, a pilot enlisted by NASA to travel though a wormhole in time to search for a colonisable planet as Earth is crippled by dust storms. Estranged from his daughter Murph in the process, Cooper misses out as she grows up to be Jessica Chastain, enabling Nolan to develop two strong plotlines of space exploration, and tie them neatly together at the end. The atmosphere is authentically pioneering, with individual moments like the short landing on a planet of tidal waves, and a meeting with Matt Damon’s deceptively motivated colonist, sticking in the mind. And while time travel is a familiar subject, few have explored it as thoughtfully as Nolan and his brother Jonathan; the scene where Cooper watches his family grow up on recorded messages is heart-breaking.


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  1. What to say about this one: it was my favorite movie from 2014. Loved it, and it just had a jawbreaking twist that I did not see coming at all. Looking forward to the next Nolan offering, Dunkirk 😀

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