Fury 2014 ***

Brad Pitt’s visceral war film is something of a patchy and contradictory affair. With careful attention to the detail of period warfare, and no expense spared in the evocation of life in and around a US tank caught up in WWII action. Annoyingly, the long and bloody finale seems somewhat out of character with the careful build-up. Logan Lerman is the rookie who falls under the tutelage of Pitt’s gruff Wardaddy, and David Ayer exacts full tension from an extended scene in which Wardaddy commandeers a local house. The suggestion that atrocities are committed by both sides in war is only briefly wrestled with; the death and glory denouement is exciting to watch, but leaves Fury something of a game of two halves; a thoughtful war movie that goes way over the top by the closing scenes.


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