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What We Do In The Shadows 2014 ***

A cheerfully deranged tale of modern vampires and their rather tatty domestic arrangements, What We Do In The Shadows is sold on the reputation of Jermaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords), and features a cameo from Rhys Darby, the band manager from the TV show, now recast as a werewolf. Co-written and directed by Taiki Waititi, who also plays the avuncular main character Viago, Shadows plays amusingly with various forms of supernatural mythology, with Clement as a saturnine lady-killer and Ben Francham as the Nosferatu-like Petyr. Waititi and Clement do well to fill the 90 minutes with some original gags, which keeping the focus on the reality television theme. The effects, while low-key, are all the more impressive for being realised on a meagre budget; What We Do In The Shadows demonstrates that horror comedy can be smart too.


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