Two Days One Night 2014 ***

Since her role as Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose, Marion Cotillard has appeared in high profile films like Inception and Public Enemies, but opportunities to carry a film on her own (The Immigrant) have been less successful. Returning to her French homeland and working with The Dardenne Brothers, Two Days One Night is a powerful drama about a woman who is made redundant from her local workshop, and who attempts to persuade her own workmates to refuse overtime to allow her to stay in the company’s employment. A deliberately slight premise allows the Dardennes to employ the kind of microscopic attention to detail that made Rosetta so memorable. With a slow narrative that allows the audience to share every indignity of Cotillard’s quest, Two Days One Night is an indictment of modern working structures and the collapse of community life, brilliantly performed.


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