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Breakfast on Pluto 2005 ***

Any film featuring a cameo from BBC children’s programme stars The Wombles, plus Roxy Music star Bryan Ferry as a serial killer deserves full marks for originality; Neil Jordan’s serio-comic tale about the journey of transgender waif Patrick ‘Kitten’ Braden is an idiosyncratic one-off. Played by a well-cast Cillian Murphy, Braden is searching for his mother, with Liam Neeson’s priest amongst those he meets on his travels. Murphy has looked good and done little in a series of big budget films (Inception, Transcendence),but Breakfast on Pluto gives some idea of what he’s capable of. Jordan has fun with the musical and fashion styles of the 1970’s, but at the heart of the film is a plea for understanding of transgender issues that’s well-delivered without recourse to piety or pathos.


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