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The Last Detail 1973 ***

Working from a script by Robert (Chinatown) Towne, Hal Ashby created a boisterous yet bitter-sweet drama about three Navy men on a mission. Meadows (Randy Quaid) has been court-marshalled for stealing forty dollars from a charity, and ‘in with the bricks’ lifers Buddusky (Jack Nicholson) and Mulhall (Otis Young) are charged with taking him to jail to start a sizable sentence. Buddusky takes pity on Meadows, and they two men decide to show the green youngster a little bit of life before he’s stuck away. Drinking, swearing and whoring are the main activities, and Towne and Ashby don’t hold back, with The Last Detail’s script littered with memorable and profane lines such as ‘Up your giggy with a wah-wah brush). The Last Detail was something of a flop on release, but it’s a wise, well-acted and profound slice of adult entertainment, with a commanding performance from Nicholson.


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