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Runaway Jury 2003 ***

One of the better John Grisham novels to make it to the screen, Runaway Jury is slightly compromised by a crucial switch; while the book dealt with Big Tobacco, the film moves the area under investigation to the gun lobby to avoid comparisons with Michael Mann’s The Insider. The intrigue sits less comfortably, but Grisham’s detailed knowledge of the court system fills in the gaps. John Cusack is Nicolas Easter, a professional jury infiltrator who worms his way into the decision making process and then holds it to ransom to the highest bidder. Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman get a rare opportunity to share the screen, and Rachel Weisz adds glamour as the woman seeking to control Easter from the outside. Runaway Jury is glossy, undemanding courtroom fare, with the twists and turns of a good Law and Order, even if it doesn’t quite deliver the social analysis that it promises.


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