Our Man Flint 1966 ****

It’s a shame that the Derek Flint superspy series only amounted to two entries; James Coburn was such a charismatic and personable actor that there was still clearly plenty of juice in the tank. Whether sporting white slacks and a coloured panel sweater or immaculate in eveningwear, Flint is the consummate action man, ‘as at home in the kasbah as he is in the boudoir’ as the trailer puts it. He’s sent on a mission by his boss Cramden (Lee J Cobb) to investigate into weather control, leading him to Galaxy Island to uncover a world domination plot. The template for the Austin Powers films, which reference the Flint films specifically by having the same ring-tone on his phone, Our Man Flint is campier than Bond, but a good old-fashioned romp with gadgets and girls galore. The sequel, In Like Flint, doesn’t have the same cheerful energy and is for completists only.


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