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Secret Disco Revolution 2012 ***

Writer and director Jamie Kastner scours through the sparkling dumpster of archive disco footage and pulls together a slight but fascinating picture of the era, a time when music was hot stuff and clubs were pumping out a vibrant, glitzy sound that made an indelible cultural mark before fading away into other genres. With interview subjects from Thelma Houston to a reluctant Village People, who seem rather suspicious of the film-maker’s motives, the artists seems far less enamoured of the period that the scholars who Kastner enlists to tell the story; their high-brow theories seem at odds with the rather more practical experiences of music industry veterans. Secret Disco Revolution works best as a cinematic juke-box, showcasing a number of notable disco hits, and a few rarities that should have fans of the era reaching for their Spotify playlists.


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