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The Art of the Steal 2014 ***

Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon face of in this lively thriller set in the world of art heists. Russell plays Crunch Calhoun, a motorcycle stunt-driver who utilises his daredevil skills as part of a robbery syndicate, with brother Nicky (Dillon) and Frankie (Jay Baruchel) along for the ride. The Art of the Steal opens with an elaborate con that pushes Crunch into riding his bike through a subway car in Poland, but despite his best efforts, he lands himself in jail. On his return to civilian life, Crunch gets his gang back together for one last job, with Samuel Winter (Terence Stamp) helping the authorities who are keen to bring crunch down. Writer and director Jonathan Sobel gives the dialogue a Tarantino-style lick of irreverence, and while the genre may be stale, The Art of the Steal offers enough flash to keep the narrative drive moving until the twisty-turny pay-off.


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