Frost/Nixon 2008 ****

Ron Howard brings a strong visual sensibility to this adaptation of Peter Morgan’s play, which details the off-camera chess-match that went on behind the scenes of David Frost’s interviews with disgraced US president Richard Nixon. Played with genuine gravity by Frank Langella, Nixon is portrayed as boorish and belligerent, seeking to rehabilitate his image and seemingly unaware of the weight of public disappointment that Frost seeks to unleash. With the recent death of David Frost, it’s now clear that these interviews are probably the biggest achievements of Frost’s life, and Michael Sheen does a good job of conveying both the smarminess but also the inner grit that kept Frost at the top of the broadcast pile for decades. Toby Jones has an amusing cameo as agent Swifty Lazar in this colourful slice of behind-the-scenes drama.


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