Caravan of Courage/ The Ewok Adventure 1984 ***

From the fertile imagination of George Lucas comes this made for television special, set in the crummier end of the Star Wars universe. Long before the expanded universe was deemed a financial goldmine, oddities like this as the notorious Star Wars holiday special cheapened the much-loved ideas to hilarious effect. A touch-stone in so-bad-its –good cinema, John Korty’s film is populated by the inexpressive teddy-bears of Endor, and fails to wring many different emotions from characters that barely worked as comic relief. As they battle to help children who need to be reunited with their parents, the Ewok costumes prove somewhat cumbersome for expressions of domestic angst, grief, romance and just about anything. Add in in some fairly cheap-looking effects and a dull narrative, and Korty’s film is a muddy footbath compared to the massive swimming pool of the Star Wars saga.



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