Starship Invasions 1977 ***

A prized entry in the so-bad-its-good canon, Starship Invasions is a breathtakingly awful sci-fi epic that claims to be based on actual testimony. Captain Rameses (Christopher Lee) is plotting his invasion of earth, and only Robert Vaughn’s scientist stands in his way. He joins forces with a race of peaceful aliens already on earth to start the fightback when Rameses uses mind control to cause earthlings to commit suicide in droves. Everything in Starship Invasions is jaw-droppingly awful, from the spandex costumes to the kid-friendly suicide bids and endless technobabble (one technician artlessly describes his super-computer as ‘ruined’). Lee and Vaughn looked baffled, as will audiences; apparently writer/director Ed Hunt filmed parts of this at the University of Toronto, which raises questions about the uses of august educational facilities to make such engagingly spurious films.


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