Somewhere In Time 1980 ***

A notably entry in the minor sub-genre of time travelling romance, Somewhere in Time is written by Richard Matheson and displays his usual respect for genre tropes. Christopher Reeve is writer Richard who becomes fascinated with a picture in an old hotel; he travels back in time via self-hypnosis to romance Elise (Jane Seymour) in 1912, and set in motion an impossible romance. Somewhere between Chris Marker’s sublime La Jetee and The Time Traveller’s Wife, Jeannot Szwarzc’s film in an unashamed weepie, well played and with a sumptuous John Barry score. William H Macy makes his debut here.


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  1. I find this movie dragging at the first 10 minutes but left me with some tears at the end. The OST was a classic beauty but it was played several times in various scenes that I had almost felt fed up. I like the climax and the scenes after that leading to the end part. Not cheeky. I’d give it a 7/10 and would recommend it to people who likes heartbreaking stories.

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