The Fifth Cord 1971 ***

The title doesn’t make any sense, even if it sounds better than Evil Fingers and Silent Killer, the other two titles given to Luigi Bazzoni’s giallo thriller from 1971. Based on a book by DM Devine. Franco Nero dons his trademark shades and raincoat as alcoholic journalist Andrea Bild, who finds himself the police’s main suspect during a series of slayings. His troubled personal life under the microscope, he sets about working out who the killer really is, with a set of tense but not particularly violent set pieces to counterpoint his investigation. The Fifth Cord looks fantastic due to rather grand locations and great photography by Vittorio Storaro; if you’re not a giallo fan, The Fifth Cord is an ideal taster for the genre. Beware,  the you tube version is missing the last ten minutes.


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