Stake Land 2010 ***

The big budget version of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road fizzled somewhat; perhaps writer/director Jim Mickle might have been a more imaginative choice as director. His follow up to 2006’s Mulberry Street, Stake land, has a similar feel from dilapidated Gothic Americana; after a vampire pandemic sweeps America, Martin (Connor Paolo) falls in with the more experienced Mister (Nick Damici0 for a cross country trek, with New Eden, a safe and resurgent area of civilization, their goal. Along the way they encounter a variety of characters, including Kelly McGillis as a nun, and the treacherous route is populated by vicious vampires, ready to pounce on the unwary. Mickle does well with both tension and character development; in a glut of zombie/vampire films, Stake Land gets good results on a low budget.


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  1. Really good vampire film and it’s so unique. I’m glad it’s still available on Netflix. I like re-visiting it now and then. Good job on the write up!

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