Prophecy 1979 ***

Having written The Omen, writer David Seltzer took inspiration from a real life environmental disaster for this 1979 horror drama, filmed in British Columbia and directed by John Frankenheimer. Robert Foxworth plays Rob, who discovers that the activities of an unscrupulous logging company are causing something bad to be put into the local water. Since this isn’t particularly dramatic as a storyline, the pollution takes the form of a gigantic skinner bear which mashes-up and mutilates the locals; the sleeping bag death is particularly gruesome. Prophecy doesn’t really work, but its heart is in the right place, and it’s a watchable trip down memory lane for horror aficionados.


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  1. Good review. One of my guilty pleasures. I love monster movies from the 70’s. I actually saw this in the theaters as a kid. Nice work!

  2. My son and I watched this together when he was in high school. We still use it as a standard of how bad a movie is because it really has nothing to redeem it. The script is bad, the acting is stilted, the premise doesn’t work and the critters are very poorly made.

    “How bad was it?” “Well, it wasn’t Prophecy bad.”

    It didn’t even have the redemption of being so bad it was funny.

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