10 To Midnight 1983 ***

Director J Lee Thompson (The Guns of Navarone) was in the twilight of his career when he made this violent Charles Bronson action flick from 1983, but he deals with the lurid material with professionalism. Inspired, if that’s the right word, but a real life killing spree, 10 to midnight pitches Bronson’s rock-hard cop Leo Kessler against a new kind of low-life; a male killer (Andrew Stevens) who gets off on murdering women when he’s in the nude. Kessler’s disgust is only increased when the authorities fail to deal with the problem, and sorts out his own brand of justice in predictable but well-staged fashion. 10 To Midnight mixes the vigilante and slasher movie cycles with some skill; it’s a low-rent, nasty but effective piece of work.


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