Only Lovers Left Alive 2013 ***

It’s always seems unlikely that the vampires featured in Twilight would chose to use their immortality for such dull purposes as matriculating in a remote high-school year after year; writer/director Jim Jarmusch suggests a more fanciful notion, with Adam and Eve (Tom Hiddlestone and Tilda Swinton) playing an un-dead couple who use their time more constructively, seeking it the finer things in life and enjoying them. Against a background of impoverished Detroit, they seek out the best in music and literature until the arrival of Eve’s disruptive sister Ava (Mia Wasikowska). Only Lovers Left Alive has an interesting conceit to explore, but Jarmusch’s sense of humour seems to have escaped him, and the drama feels dry and contrived; only Hiddlestone provides any juice as a vampire with a taste for vintage guitars.


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