Alan Partridge 2013 ***

A number one film in the United Kingdom, where Steve Coogan’s comic character has been the subject of sketch comedy, spoof shows, several TV series and an audiobook, Alan Partridge is an unusual spin-off; it takes a figure of fun and drops him into a serious situation, with impressive results. Alan (Coogan) fears the sack from his dull radio job, and manages to convince executives to fire his pal Pat (Colm Meaney) instead. But when takes party-goers hostage at a late night soiree at the station, Alan gets the opportunity to mediate between the hostage-taker and police, providing him with stardom beyond his wildest dreams. Alan Partridge, the film, never gets too caught up in the Die Hard-type situation, milking plenty of subtle comedy from the way Alan ties himself in knots to keep the siege going; somewhere between Dog Day Afternoon and Ace In The Hole, it’s a clever comic film that reveals the inanity behind the august façade of British media.


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