Krull 1983 ***


Peter Yates was a surprising choice to helm a space epic in the wake of Star Wars;  his 1983 film Krull has a wonderful production design to play with; those wondering what Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune might have looked like should take a swatch at some of the scenes, from the giant glass sider to the eye-popping fortress that holds Princess Lyssa (Lysette Anthony). Colwyn (Ken Marshall) sets out to rescue her, with Liam Neeson, Alan Armstrong, Robbie Coltrane, Todd Cathy and Bernard Bresslaw amongst his merry band of warriors taking on laser-firing robots with bows and arrows. A silly romp that gives outer-space a uniquely British flavour Krull didn’t hit the spot enough to spawn a sequel or franchise, but it’s a good-looking fantasy romp that’s alternative viewing for sci-fi fans.


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