Local Hero 1983 *****

Bill Forsyth sprang from a non-existent film industry in Scotland, making it look easy to make accomplished, sensitive films with a local twist in Gregory’s Girl and That Sinking Feeling. Probably his most accomplished is this biting yet wistful comedy, with US businessman Mac Peter Reigert heading to Scotland at the behest of industrialist Felix Happer (Burt Lancaster) to buy up a small village run by Urquhart (Dennis Lawson). The obstacle they face is Ben (Fulton Mackay) a beachcomber who owns the area they need for a refinery. Local Hero has plenty of neat jabs about the soulnessness of business and the joys of community, beautifully played by an eclectic cast. Arguably the best film about Scotland, Local Hero is a charming film about going back to your roots.


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