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Three Amigos 1986 ***

Before he became the Saturday Night Live supremo, Lorne Michaels co-write the script for this retro-romp from 1986 with Steve Martin and Randy Newman. Harking back to the Road movies of Bring Crosby and Bob Hope, Three Amigos sees unemployed and unemployable actors Lucky Day (Steve Martin), Dusty Buttoms (Chevy Chase) and Ned Netherlander (Martin Short) heading south to Mexico, where they are mistaken for professional killers who can help defend a village from real bandits, in the style of The Magnificent Seven. The humour is agreeably low brow, with jokes about kissing girls ‘on the veranda’  and general slapstick, but while the results are uneven, Three Amigos has the same hit-rate as contemporary films like Ghostbusters, and has a childish glee in the comedic situations that’s rare in modern cinema.


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