Together 2000 ****

Writer/director Lukas Moodysson put together one of the neatest ensemble films in history with Together, a picture of life in a 1975 commune that’s full of heart. Elisabeth (Lisa Lindgren) has has enough of the violent antics of her dissolute husband Rolf (Michael nyqvist) and grabs her children in search of a temporary bolt-hole, thanks to her brother Goran (Gustaf Hammersten0. Goran has embraced an alternative life-style in Stockholm, Sweeden, and while their free-thinking behaviour is initially shocking to Elisabeth, the commune rally round when Rolf reappears. While the politics of the Together commune are carefully presented, Moodysson’s film is richer for keeping a tight point-of-view through the eyes of Elisabeth’s children, making Together more of a feel-good story than a dry polemic.


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