Son of God 2014 ***

Opening with a ‘previously on the bible’ quick-edit of Old Testament events, it’s clear that writer/director Christopher Spencer’s film is not pure cinema; the film was edited down from TV show The Bible. That doesn’t sound promising, but Son of God’s significant box office tally demonstrates public appetite for a straight-forward version of the Jesus story. Diogo Mordado is a good-looking saviour, and has the required charisma for the role, and Son of Gods zips through a wealth of Biblical incident with some skill. Neither as violent as Mel Gibson’s take or as philosophical as Martin Scorsese’s, and without the laughs of Life of Brian, Son of God is a respectful summary of the familiar story, even if is no great shakes as cinema, Christopher manages to keep the narrative on message without engaging in controversial side-issues. The Pope’s famous quote on The Passion of The Christ ‘It is what it is’ is even more applicable to this Sunday school version.


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