Raising Arizona 1987 ****

It would be fair to say that the Coen Brothers’ comic ventures (The Ladykillers, The Hudsucker Proxy) don’t always hit the heights of their more serious efforts; that’s not the case in this joyous 1987 film, peppered with ingenious visual gags and boisterous good humour. HI McDunnough (Nicolas Cage) marries Edwina, but finds that they cannot have a child. They covert of the quintuplets of Nathan Arizona (Trey Wilson), and run into conflict with bounty hunter Leonard Smalls (Randall ‘Tex’ Cobb) as part of their kidnapping plot. The Coens’ rep cast, from John Goodman to Frances McDormand)  are all here, and there’s dazzling invention during the chase sequences, which fall just on the right side of slapstick. The Coens and their cast all went on to bigger things, but few better than this breezy delight.


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