Immortals 2011 ***

Tarsem Singh Dhandwar’s previous films are a mixed bag; style over content doesn’t begin to describe the extravagances of 2001’s The Cell, a thriller so garish and gaudy that Ken Russell might have wanted to turn down the brightness. Singh is a good match for today’s CGI uproar, and 2011’s The Immortals gives him something worth chewing on; Greek mythology filtered through Hollywood moonshine. Henry Cavill does his usual cow-eyed shtick as Theseus, who seeks vengeance from Hyperion (Mickey Rourke in a jackal mask) for the murder of his mother, with sidekick Stavros (Stephen Dorff) along for the ride and live commentary from Old Man (John Hurt).  Any film that features Luke Evans as Zeus has a credibility issue, but Singh slathers the whole confection in eye-popping visuals a la 300, and the fight-scenes are as beautifully executed as most of the willing cast


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