54 1998 ***


Writer/director Mark Christopher’s 1998 take on the legends of Studio 54 nightclub found little favour with audiences or critics, yet the presence of a plethora of hot talent from the time makes 54 an easy watch. Ryan Phillippe, Never Campbell, Selma Hayek and Sela Ward are all along for the ride, but the standout is Mike Meyers in a rare dramatic role as the destructive mogul behind the club, Steve Rubell. Rubell’s excessive behaviour is more interesting that the love triangle featuring nominal protagonist Shane O’Shea (Phillippe), presumably due to the cutting of 45 minutes of footage from the film, but Meyers makes something fascinating out of his role, playing up his bi-sexuality and drug-issues while also making something sympathetic about a rather monstrous character. 54 came too early to surf the wave of celebrity nostalgia for the late 70’s , but its worth a look for Meyers’ performance. And the soundtrack, featuring Chic, Odyssey and Candi Stanton, stands up well in this last days of disco story.


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