Fired Up! 2009 ***


PG 13 shenanigans abound in writer/director Will Gluck’s likable comedy, that looks like a leering sex-comedy but actually has a more respectable content than the premise suggests. Two jocks (Nicholas D’Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen) somehow wrangle their way into training at a cheerleaders camp, but their plays for a lusty deflowering of the local girls are waylaid when they fall in love, not just with their female team-makers but with the business of cheerleading itself. Phillip Baker Hall and AnnaLynne McCord are overqualified support, but Fired Up! Has an easy charm to the sunny escapades of the boys; it’s rare for a sex comedy to treat the macho posturings of the boys with disrespect, and Gluck’s film actually has more respect for women that the genre normally allows.


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