Asylum 1972 ***


Psycho author Robert Bloch contributed for stories and a clever wraparound to this 1972 portmanteau horror film, directed by Roy Ward Baker.  The framing story concerns a doctor (Robert Powell) who arrives at an asylum only to be challenged by the doctor in charge (Patrick Magee) to guess which one of four patients was his predecessor. The first and fourth, Frozen Fear and Manikins of Horror, are quite silly although engagingly done, with brown-paper parcels containing body parts and little deadly robots on the rampage. The best two are The Weird Tailor is a finely wrought story of an unusual commission for the impoverished Bruno (Barry Morse) from mysterious gentleman (Peter Cushing), and Lucy Comes To Stay is a clever psychological drama featuring Charlotte Rampling and Britt Ekland. There’s a certain unpredictability about all of the stories, clearly woven into a brisk 88 minute package by Baker that’ll please horror aficionados.


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  1. I need to re-visit this one soon. I wown a copy but it has been a while since I’ve watched it last. I love these Amicus anthology films, though. I’m glad they made a few that have stood the test of time. Good post!

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