Everything’s Gone Green 2006 ****


Novelist Douglas Coupland has produced a consistently high quality of novels with only a few clinkers (All Families Are Psychotic, Generation Y). His first effort at writing an original screenplay resulting in the excellent and relatively unknown comedy/drama Everything’s Gone Green, the story of Ryan (Paul Costanzo) an unmotivated young man who gets a new zest for life when he takes a job working for a national lottery in Canada. The catalyst is seeing his parents delighted then horrify when they wrongly imagine they’ve won a huge prize, but soon Ryan is coining in cash, and getting involved in money laundering. Paul Fox’s film has a superb attention to the minutia of Coupland script, from Ryan’s pimped-out car, the off-beat soundtrack, and the evocation of the sci-fi film that’s shooting in the background of Paul’s misadventures, the alien details of which pop up to reveal Ryan’s own alienation from his Toronto-based life. A great little comedy drama that hardly anyone saw, Everything’s Gone Green is a snapshot of a turning point of social disaffection with capitalism.


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