Son of Rambow 2007 ***


Writer and director Garth Jennings gave the ailing British comedy genre a shot in the arm with this clever coming of age drama about two British children who decide to make their own Rambo movie after seeing First Blood in 1982. Will Poulter and Bill Milner play kids Lee and Will, and Jessica Hynes plays Will’s mother Mary, who is trying to raise her lad in the traditions of a religion called The Brethren, but the boys find French exchange student Didier (Jules Sitruk) a more welcome influence on their project. While many films are self-referential, Son of Rambow is delightful in its focus on the gap between Hollywood and reality, with a pitch-perfect rendition of British suburban life. Details like the cinema full of kids with lit cigarettes capture nostalgia for the past, and the naivety of the children is infectious in this funny, wise film about loving cinema.


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