After Lucia 2012 ***


From Mexico, After Lucia is a heartrending and intense drama from writer/director Michel Franco that puts the audience through the mill. Roberto (Hernan Mendoza) and his teenage daughter Alejandra (Tessa Ia) move to a new town after the death of her mother Lucia in a car accident, but the attentions of popular boy Jose (Gonzalo Vega Jr) divert the young girl, and when he posts intimate pictures of her online, she becomes the victim of peer bullying with tragic results. After Lucia’s narrative has a universal simplicity and power, with her well-meaning father floundering in the face of a teenage culture he doesn’t understand, and Alejandra’s plight is involving and distressing to watch. A powerful, sensitive film, After Lucia was a hard sell in cinemas, but will hopefully find an audience on Amazon Instant.


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