The Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans 2009 ***

Werner Herzog can be a frustrating director to follow; for every Grizzly Man triumph, there’s a tedious curiosity like The Wild Blue Yonder. That’s why its so surprising to find him in charge of a thriller Like Bad Lieutenant; Port of New Orleans, which updates the corrupt policeman of Abel Ferrara’s 1989 original for a fresh and admirably crazy reboot. Nicolas Cage is ideally cast as booze and drug-filled copper Terrence McDonagh, who traverses post Katrina New Orclean as part of a homicide investigation. McDonagh is an accident waiting to happen, but Herzog keeps the audience guessing as to how his problems will finally ensnare him. A fabulously random cast ranging from Val Kilmer to Fairuza Balk and Eva Mendes provide support, but Cage on form is something to behold, and he grounds Herzog’s offbeat policier with off-kilter charisma.


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