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Season of the Witch 2011 ***

Even in the context of the seemingly endless canon of shonky Nicolas Cage vehicles, 2011’s Season of the Witch is an odd bird. A medieval buddy movie with a supernatural theme, Season of the Witch reunites cage with Dominic Sena, who helmed the awful Gone in 60 Seconds remake. Cage plays Behmen von Bleibruk, a conscientious objector to the crusades who knocks about the Holy Land with his pal Felson (Ron Perlman). They’re sent on a dangerous mission by plague-ravaged Cardinal D’Ambroise (Christopher Lee); to transport a witch (Clair Foy) to a far-off monastery. Season of the Witch has a good premise; it’s kept in doubt what powers the witch has, if any, but it’s soon apparent that something is using the memories and the feat of Behmen’s troop against them. The climax is CGI-nonsense, but there’s plenty of weirdness to savour in this daft romp.


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